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Esthetics Dental Studio is built on high technical standards and precise quality. We’re dedicated to providing the dental community with restorations that are esthetically superior. Therefore, we focus on function, contour, and color. Also, we only use the best quality products available. To clarify, our products range from Creation Porcelain to E.max, as well as Zirconia materials.

Our laboratory does all milling in house. Milling in house helps accurately control the design and the fit of the Zirconia and the E.max crowns. These include full gold and porcelain fused to gold crowns.

Our dental restorations are fabricated under a microscope. The use of the microscope is to ensure strict quality control as well as optimal fit for each restoration. Our studio is a full service crown and bridge lab. We have a unique process tailored to each one of our clients.

The owner, Jose Rincon, CDT – is one of three dental technicians in the State of Texas to be accepted into the Dental Alliance of the American College of Prosthodontics. Combined, our staff has over 50 years of dental experience. We have an extensive educational background. For instance, from Spears study group, LD Pankey Institute, and Lee Culp. Furthermore, all of our technicians have numerous continuing education courses.

We are one of the premiere dental labs in Houston. That is to say, we are sure to bring quality, experience, and assurance to every doctor / patient relationship. Our main goal is to ensure beautiful and consistent results for each one of our clients.

“A good first impression starts with a beautiful smile!”

– Jose Rincon, CDT